Onyx Software Foundation

Welcome to the official Onyx Software Foundation (a.k.a. NXSF) website.

πŸ“ Specifications:

Contents of the following communities is not moderated by NXSF.

You can add a link by creating a Pull Request atΒ GitHub.

🎯 Roadmap


Estimated date: Now

Some standards are available to read, but not licensed yet.
No changes to specifications are accepted officially.

NXSF does not accept any donations officially.


Estimated date: November 2020 – January 2021

Major standards, including the Onyx programming language standard, are considered complete draft (v0.0.*) and licensed to free use and modify.

The stage is intended to reveal apparent mistakes in the specifications and polish them to meet the guidelines.

No official standardization process is established yet.
Pull requests are accepted with mandatory prior copyright waive.
Standardization tools are being formed, such as RFC platform and algorithms, funding, election.

The package hosting platform is being developed.

The Onyx Software Foundation accepts tax-exemptive donations without a right to vote.


Estimated date: Unknown

Major standards move to the beta stage (v0.*.*).
Concepts are mostly stabilized, and specifications follow all the guidelines.

Standardization tooling is actively developed and tested, but no official standardization process is established yet.

The package hosting platform enables the funding program.


Estimated date: Unknown

Major standards are stabilized (v1.*.*).

Official standardization process is established.